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As it is clear by the above heading that we are going to talk about the printable calendar templates of 2019. So as we all know that calendar plays an important role in everyone’s life. As the calendar is a very useful thing that keeps you updated about the current dates and the events. But if we use the calendar as the reminder then it is much more useful. Today I am going to aware you guys about the printable calendar templates of 2019, as these templates are going to help you so much that you can easily remember things and you will not forget anything in future.

Printable Calendar 2019 Templates [PDF, Word, Excel]

Calendar 2019 pdf

Printable calendar templates of 2019 come as a soft copy printable Calendar in the form of an excel sheet, word document or a PDF document. It totally depends on you that in which form you want to download the printable calendar templates of 2019. We are providing you this calendar free of cost. We are not charging you for this calendar. You can easily download this calendar free from our website. As if you download the printable calendar templates of 2019 as a word document then you will get this document in the form of (.docx) file, you can open it only in the Microsoft office word only. Also as you download the printable calendar templates of 2019 in the excel sheet then you will able to open it only in the Microsoft office excel. And if you download the printable calendar templates of 2019 in the PDF form then you need a PDF reader to open this calendar on your device. These download copies of printable calendar templates of 2019 are known as the soft copy calendar.

Blank Calendar 2019 Templates

Calendar 2019 excel

Printable calendar templates of 2019 come with many types of calendar, Blank Calendar templates 2019 also comes with one of the printable calendar templates of 2019. As it is clear by the name of the calendar that it comes with a lot of blank space in it. This calendar is very much useful for everyone. As the blank calendar have too much space so that you can write too much on the calendar only. Those who have a habit of daily diary writing also found this calendar very useful. As this calendar comes with the dates and day only and a lot of free space in it. So you can write your important dates on it which you want to remember. You can also write your daily schedule on it. This calendar is available on our website and you can easily print this calendar on any type of paper. The blank calendar templates 2019 comes with the big space for writing the reminders and the daily affairs on the calendar. This calendar is used worldwide.

2019 Calendar Printable

2019 Calendar Printable

Printable calendar templates of 2019 come in different sizes and with the different designs. Some of the calendars came with the customizable gestures by which you can easily customize your calendar and make it look cool.

Printable Calendar 2019 With Holidays

Sometimes you visit the market to find the calendars of a specific type but you are unable to find the calendar of your choice, this calendar gives you freedom by which you can easily customize this calendar as per your demand. So there is no issue of finding the calendar on the market you can easily download the printable calendar templates of 2019 from our website free of cost and also the calendar is of your type. You have many choices of calendars from which you can choose the calendar of your type.

Yearly Calendar 2019

Printable Calendar 2019 With Holidays

Now let me show you the different calendars according to importance based on months of the calendars:-

January 2019 Calendar

The January printable calendar templates of 2019 are the calendar template for the month January. As you all know January is the first month of the year and if the starting of the month is good then the whole year will be good. So if you adopt the habit of watching calendar then you will never forget anything in the coming whole year. This month comes with too much workload and also with too many opportunities. So we have to prepare for those upcoming opportunities by making a good schedule for the preparations.

January 2019 Calendar

As you can see in the above image that there is a lot of free space is provided for the writing of reminders and the important dates. So by the means of this calendar, you can write every event and every upcoming plan of the month. This month comes with too much joy and happiness, as on the New Year all the children exchanges the greetings like that if you guys give these printable calendars to your friend then it will be the best start of the year by this calendar. As we give greetings to our friends to show them care and to show our care towards them, just like that if we exchange these calendars in the place of greetings then you can even use these calendars in your daily life.

February 2019 Calendar

The February is also known for the month of the “lovers”. The Valentine’s week fall in the month of the February which is the most important week for the lovers. As you can see in the above image that there is much space is available on the calendar where you can write your Valentine’s plan. By which you are not going to forget anything on Valentine’s week. And if you will pre-scheduled everything than you can also easily impress your partner by your moves.

As this month is also for the students because next month is March and in March, the exams are held. So for the preparations they only got the month February, and also the February is the smallest month so the students have to prepare the strict schedule for the studies so this calendar will help them in the preparations as they can write their schedule on the free space given on the calendar.

March 2019 Calendar 

This is the printable calendar of March 2019 and as we all know that the month March is known for the examinations of the students. In the month of March they got their exams and for the preparations of the exams, the students should have to obey a strict schedule so that they can perform well in their exams. For that, they have to pre-plan whole month so that they will not face any type of difficulties in future regarding the examination. If they are well prepared for the exams then only they are able to perform well in the exams. This month comes with some more problems such as financial problems so in this month you have to watch your account books so that you have the idea of profit and the losses. As is there is any need of change or the extra work, if there is any need of improvement then you have to change your schedule and this calendar is helping to go to help you guys in designing your schedule.

‘Holi’ also occurs in this month. Holi is an Indian festival, it is the festival of colors. On the occasion of Holi, people worship Lord Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi. They wore new clothes and also used to put colors on each other. This all shows the brotherhood in between the people of India.

April 2019 Calendar

As we all know that month of April comes with the excitement of new session in the life of everyone. As from the April, everyone takes a new start in their life. As we take the students they just get moved to the new class with too much excitement. But with the excitement, they just got a pressure of studies. So to release the pressure they have to preplan their schedule so that they are able to easily handle the pressure of the studies.

Now if we talk about the parents, for them it is little a hard time because they have to take care of the financial conditions of the family and at the month of April they have to finance their children in their admissions. So they have to take care of the financial conditions so they make a financial calendar in which they can able to easily calculate their expenditure for the month. This is the best way to calculate the monthly expenditure and also they are able to think that to stop the wastage of money so that they can save some money for their future expenses.

This month is also the starting month of the summer, from this month the summer is official starts. So this is also the high time for the change. Now you have to switch from winter to summer, so you have to also do shopping, so by the help of April calendar of 2019 you are able to plan your month so that you can easily to complete the all complicated work on time and you don’t have to face any problem.

May 2019 Calendar 

The month may is not so much good for the people who get rid of work because this month doesn’t have many holidays. But some people who are planning any trip for them the calendar of April 2019 is very useful as it gives them space where they can write the whole plans that they want to remember. The habit of seeing calendar is very good as this habit makes the person more responsible as they daily watch the calendar and get updated about the daily affairs or the current affairs as they daily watch the calendar.

This month is also for the service persons as in this month they analyze their work of previous 4 months and get a final report about the starting of the year that how the company is going. In this month the service persons have to work more and harder as this month doesn’t have any holiday so they have to work the whole month. The summer is on its highest level in this month. So you guys have to be more health conscious.

June 2019 Calendar

June is the month when the students get their summer vacations for which they are waiting for the whole year. This is the very precious month for the students. As the students get vacations then they have to plan their vacations and in planning the month their month the printable calendar of June 2019 will those children in scheduling their vacations so that that can enjoy their vacations and after that here comes the holiday homework comes, which is also very important for getting good grades. And the holiday homework will get completed only when they schedule their month so that they are able to enjoy their vacations as well as they are able to complete their school work also.

As for some students, the month of June is also a working day as they have to attend their extra classes and also have to spend some time with the family. Because there is a break is very important as everyone should need a break so that their mind will relax for that they go for the outings and on other activities which relieve their stresses of a whole year.

July 2019 Calendar 

The month July is the most active month as in this month everyone has to get back to their work. And all the students have to come back to their studies. In this month the people gut so much busy and the students start their preparations for their half yearly exams which shows the ability of the students and also that how much more work the students have to do. If they are unable to score many marks in the half-yearly test then it shows that they have to work harder so that they are able to raise their grades and for that, the July calendar 2019 will help the students to remake their schedule for more work.

This month also gives fewer holidays as the people enjoyed in June and now they have to work more so that they cover the loss that they have done due to the enjoyment in June. So this month needs more work and more efforts from the workers and from the students also.

August 2019 Calendar 

August is the month in which people get relaxed from the workload and in this month there is a lot of holidays are given. The Independence Day, Janmashtami, Raksha Bandhan and some other holidays are held in this month. This month is very important for the Indians.  As this month is full of Indian festivals. This month comes with full of relaxation as the employees manage the workload by managing their work time with the help of August printable calendar 2019.

As this is the month of the festivals people also have to travel so they get to plan this month with the help of august calendar 2019 as the already sets their reminder on the calendar so that they can use their time efficiently. So these calendars help every person whether they are employees or the students or common men.

September 2019 Calendar

This month comes with the starting of the winter, in the month people started feeling the little cold in the morning and at the evening that shows the initial stages of the winter. In this month also there is a great festival occurs that is Ganesh Chaturthi, which is a very big festival which is celebrated with a very bold way in Maharashtra as well as in the whole northern India.

India is known for their festivals but the work is also important with the enjoyment, so the September calendar 2019 will help you to aware about the upcoming events and the important dates that come in this month.

In this month the marriage preparations also start in India. And as we talk about the marriage then we also know that there is too much busy schedule is there. So the September calendar 2019 is going to help them regulate the work planning pressure.

October 2019 Calendar

This month is also the month of the holidays there is too many holidays occur in this month. Some are the national holidays and some are the state level holidays. Sometimes the festival Diwali also falls in this month only but not this year. The October is also a relaxing week for the employees and the students as well but that no means that they should stop thinking about their work or studies.

As I told you guys that India is a country with festivals but sometimes the work is much more important than festivals. In some companies there is no holiday is given to the employees on the festivals as well but they get some extra money for working on these days.

November 2019 Calendar 

Now here comes the month November, this month is totally made for students as on 14th November, children’s day held which is also celebrated very boldly in the schools. The students perform the cultural activities in the schools. As 14th of November is the birth date or Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru which is celebrated as the children’s day in the schools because he loves the children’s too much. Also, the November is the month of the half session of financial activities in some companies.

The biggest and the most famous festivals also occur this in the month of November that is “DIWALI”, it is one of the biggest festivals which is celebrated in all over the country. This is the festival of the lights. This is the most lovable festival in which people give gifts to each other and wear new clothes. This is the biggest festival that occurs in India.

The November printable calendar 2019 is very useful for everyone as it gives you complete information about the festival and also it gives you the complete information about the working days and the holidays that occur in the month of November.

December 2019 Calendar 

The month of December is the month in which the Christmas is celebrated, New Year is celebrated. This is the last month of the year and this month comes chilling winter. As we all know that this is the last month of the year, due to which the responsibilities get increased and we all have to make the whole year expenditure chat so that we are able to know that how much we wasted and how much we use on us or on our family.

February 2019 Calendar


As we all know that November is also the month of vacations, as in the November also we get the winter vacations and also the New Year vacation from the school side. So as we all know that if a school is giving the vacations then they will also give you some project works that you have to complete the vacation only. If you want to complete both work and project and also you want to enjoy the outing with the family then you must use the December printable calendar 2019, which helps you in making the tight schedule which helps you to complete both the work on time and you are able to enjoy the vacations with the family.


As I told you about the usage of the printable calendar 2019, the calendar is very useful in everyday life. As this calendar will help you to reschedule your plans so that you are able to complete your work on time and accurately. This will help you in time management. The use of this calendar is very easy and simple as it makes your work easy.

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