Video surveillance store: all the nuances of business

Video surveillance store: all the nuances of business

A video surveillance store is a great idea for organizing a business, both small and large. Surveillance systems are in great demand, as they guarantee the security of an apartment, house, office, etc.

All commercial, medical, financial and educational institutions need video cameras. Video surveillance is also often installed by owners of private houses, apartments, taxis. All adjacent territories of modern residential complexes are provided with video surveillance cameras.

To open such a store and make it successful, you need to make a competent business plan. In the article we will analyze all the pros and cons of doing business in the video equipment trade, consider a step-by-step business plan for a video surveillance store.

Pros and cons of video equipment trading business

At the stage of business planning, it is worth evaluating all the advantages and disadvantages of video equipment trading.

Pros and cons of video equipment trading business


there are no seasonal fluctuations — the demand is constant;

quick payback of the project;

prospects for business development and expansion of sales geography;

flexibility — there are options for working in various formats (depending on the desire and capabilities of customers).


great competition in the face of single firms and large companies;

the need for a license to install video editing of a separate specification.

Demand and competition analysis

According to statistics, over the past five years, the demand for video surveillance systems in Russia has increased significantly. This is due to the fact that an increasing number of organizations need tracking systems to ensure security. Therefore, all new video surveillance stores are opening on the territory of the Russian Federation

Despite the stable demand for this product, the competition in the business is quite serious.

Main competitors:

Manufacturers of video surveillance systems;

small installation companies;

security companies that provide complexes of services.

Before starting a business, an analysis of competitors should be carried out, first of all, in the region of the video surveillance store opening.

Video surveillance store format and assortment

First of all, it is necessary to decide on the format and assortment of the video surveillance store:

will the store only sell equipment or also carry out installation and maintenance;

which equipment manufacturer will you choose (domestic or foreign);

whether you will only deliver and install equipment, or provide information services to select the most suitable and profitable options.

The range of video surveillance products is very diverse.

It includes:

outdoor and indoor tracking systems. Street — more massive, as they are equipped with additional elements of protection from the effects of weather conditions. The inner chambers are more miniature and aesthetic;

wired and wireless. Wired systems, at a low cost, transmit large amounts of information over long distances and are less susceptible to interference. Wireless — compact, without additional accessories, but the transmission of signals from such equipment is no more than 300 meters;

digital devices.

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Choosing a room and location

At the first stage, it is not necessary to rent a room for the sale of video surveillance equipment. The equipment can be stored at home or in the garage, and applications can be received from a phone, computer in any convenient place. But if we are talking about a serious business, it is better to rent a small office space (no more than 50 sq. m.). It can accommodate a manager’s workplace, a mini warehouse and a manager’s office, as well as an area where you can view various video surveillance options.

It is better to rent a room in a place where there is the largest number of potential buyers — a densely populated area with educational, financial and municipal institutions is suitable. It needs to be equipped with a fire alarm, buy fire extinguishers and hang an evacuation plan in a prominent place.