To determine which of these organizational forms to register a business, you need to decide:

To determine which of these organizational forms to register a business, you need to decide:

do you plan to work alone or in partnership with other people;

will you be able to contribute the Authorized capital;

will there be VAT payers among the buyers.

With a positive answer to these questions, it is better to register an LLC. If the work is supposed to be done alone, with individuals and individual entrepreneurs, it is enough to register an individual entrepreneur.

The procedure for opening an IP is as simple as possible. A passport, TIN and a statement from a future entrepreneur are required.

In the application for registration of a business for the sale of video surveillance equipment, you must specify the following codes:

47.43 — Retail sale of audio and video equipment in specialized stores;

59.12 — Assembly and layout activities in the field of production of films, videos and television programs;

43.21 — Electrical installation works (for installation of equipment);

80.20 — Operation of security systems;

62.09 — Activities related to the use of computer technology and information technology, other.

You can add more codes, but these are the main ones.

After that, it is necessary to notify Rospotrebnadzor and conclude a contract for the export of solid waste. When performing complex installation work, you will need to apply for membership in the SRO.

If you will only sell video surveillance equipment, you will not need to issue a license. If the range will include a burglar alarm system, a license is required.

Necessary commercial equipment

To get started, you need to purchase commercial equipment. You will need a little — office furniture and a computer, as well as special equipment on which you can demonstrate to the customer options for video surveillance systems.