Hiring employees

Hiring employees

The office needs at least one manager who will accept applications and draw up contracts for the purchase of tracking systems. But the main staff are specialists who understand the connection and maintenance of video surveillance systems. The age limits of such specialists are not limited. These can be both full-time employees and employees under GPH contracts for the provision of one-time services.

It is better to have several qualified specialists on staff who can leave at any time at the request of the client. The owner of the video surveillance store, it is also desirable to take courses to understand the details of the technical process.

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Additional earnings on the installation of video surveillance

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The video equipment trading business almost always includes installation and technical support of equipment — this is an additional income for the company and the comfort of service for the customer.

Additional earnings

Having several qualified video surveillance installers on staff means additional costs for the business. But, firstly, it will provide an excellent reputation for the store, and secondly, you can conclude a contract with a reliable installer and pay him for the work in fact. Many employees of security organizations provide installation services to several companies selling video surveillance systems in order to earn extra money.

Advertising campaign

Due to the huge competition in the trade of tracking systems, it is necessary to think through and launch effective advertising. A huge selection of advertising platforms allows you to present your equipment on banners, in the media and in social networks.networks.

Advertising needs to be backed up with numbers and attractive bonuses for the client, for example:

3 years warranty;

installation is only 5000 rubles;

the service is free for the first six months.

A well—designed store website will be an excellent advertising tool – always with the opportunity to leave a review, since the customer will focus on reviews when choosing a video surveillance store.

How much you need to invest at the start

The size of initial investments in the sale of video surveillance equipment varies from 15 thousand to 2 million rubles. The minimum costs will be if you accept applications from home (without renting a room and paying the manager) and work on prepayment. In this case, expenses will be required only for registration of sole proprietors, ordering business cards, buying a suitcase for carrying equipment.

Additional earnings

If the business is planned on a large scale with a large range of goods and services, the following costs will be required (approximate calculation):

rental of premises -25,000 rubles;

purchase of commercial equipment — 200,000 rubles;

the salary of employees is 200,000 rubles;

inventory — 1,000,000 rubles;

advertising campaign — 100,000 rubles